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Chapter 1

I sank lower into my seat. A thousand incantations were flowing through my brain, I heard that a new boy was coming to the school. What would he look like? What colour would his hair be? I was eager to find out as we analysed Charge Of The Light Brigade by Alfred Lloyd Tennyson. Boring, if you ask me. Sorry, have I not mentioned my name? I'm Hannah, Hannah Colghan and I'm a Junior, I live in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Moved here from Perth Amboy a few years back, when I started Middle School. "Half a league, half a league...." Mr Brooks drones on, his monotone voice slicing my bored brain into pieces. "Rhyme and rhythm! Imagery Hyperbole!" he shouts again, his voice nearly cracking under the strain, as if he were an Army Seargent. I hate him - my English teacher, but I enjoyed the actual subject. I just hope the new boy comes quick, because my brain's bored and numb almost. I have an empty seat next to me, on my right, and I wonder if he'll like me.....

I hear voices from outside in the hallway, a deep, male voice pierces my ears. Is that him? The door slowly creaks open, and I gently bite my lip. He's sexy as hell! Bloody hell, I can feel myself becoming wet by thinking about fucking him. Nevermind, he doesn't even know me, and I don't know him either. "This is Richard Sambora, now, Richie can sit next to Hannah." Mr Brooks told the class, as I pushed my poem forward as he sat down next to me, he has dark brown hair, that illuminates his bright, cute face and it's like midnight. His eyes are like deep chocolate pools, that, if you look long enough, you can get lost in. Into a unknown world. "I gather that your name is Hannah, call me Richie by the way" he told me, smiling softly.

"N....Nice to meet you, Richie" I replied, trying to disguise my crush on him. What the fuck are you thinking? You just met this guy! He smiled again. Mr Brooks, the disgusting, annoying and horrible English teacher, cleared his throat; a heavy sigh crossed the room. "Now, there is rhyme and rhythm here, which sounds like horses" he continued, oh fuck, time to disappear. My hearts beating hard and heavy in my head, and Richie looks cool as a cucumber. Damn. I can't wait till lunch is here.